Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thanks and all ready ...

So I'm back in Kondadaba! Done with all the meetings, holidays and rest, now for some live action. Except for the perspiration, which I'll soon get used to, I was totally at home. This evening after bath as I walked along the drive, reciting my rosary and having a look at the campus, I almost felt that I was here all through. Now that's already feeling at home.

This day too was special... for its simplicity. Though it was the solemnity of Mary Help of Christians and all that goes along with it, no big fanfare. We had a nice simple Mass before lunch, just the three of us: Frs KT, Wilson and myself. Normal meals (thanks to Fr KT who forgot to order for chicken) for lunch and supper. The rest of the day was cleaning, tidying, accounting and settling down. I have to pull out my 'to-do list' tomorrow to start the real work before the Brothers arrive.

And most important of all: CONGRATULATIONS to Papa and Mummy on their wedding anniversary. Though tempted, or rather frightened and anxious, to pray for myself yesterday and today, I just spent the two days in sincere thanksgiving to Mother Mary for the past one year, more so the past two weeks of holidays and most specially for the gift of Papa and Mummy.

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