Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hindi serials and viewers

It's been about a week since I'm home... mostly lazing around, eating and sleeping. Besides watching the antics of my nephew, Chris, I also end up watching a couple of TV serials everyday ... not because I'm fond of them, but because practically everyone else is! One of them is as old as I... (exaggeration, but almost)! I only watch it for a week or so when I come home for my annual holidays and believe me, I can very well follow the story. It hardly moves (neither the heart nor the plot)! But something that I've noticed of practically all the hindi serials that I've scanned so far: all of them have the upper class for their theme. The plot is always around the rich families. And who is it that watches them most? Those of the lower class or the middle class! There is hardly a thing that they can relate their lives with in those serials but all the same, they would never miss even the turn of a head. The only possible explanation I can think of for this is the theory that we aspire for what we do not have, mostly to forget the fact that we never get all that we dream.

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