Friday, 20 May 2011

Perpetuating caste system

The Centre Government's decision to collect details about religion and caste details during its census with regard to the Economic situation of the Indian citizen is in a way one of the most idiotic thing that it could decide upon. After a string of refreshing and empowering decisions arrived at, this present directive will certainly lead to regress. For years, the whole curse of caste has been gnawing at the Indian society especially the marginailsed. Today when young people are no more concerned or divided along caste lines, but are willing to see life as it comes, they are now again reminded about this dark past. Just the other day, Fr Louis proposed quite a remarkable proposal to get rid of this caste discrimination: let no school ask for which caste the child belongs to. According to his estimation, caste will, by itself die out in this way within 25 years. I fully agree with him.

The centre's decision now to collect details is another direct hint that we are not ready to give up this scourge but want to only perpetuate its tyranny over ourselves. So be it! But I pray and hope that the younger generation will not let this unnecessary 'detail' of our past will not darken our future.

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