Monday, 9 May 2011

Lighter side of the meeting

During the Social Communications' meeting at Tiruchy there were some interesting moments of fun and laughter besides the serious thoughts! During the presentations, there was one who stated that the tasks of the Communication commission were like the game of snakes and ladders. A while later, another Sister presenting her province report states, "In our Province Communication sector there are only snakes, no ladders!"

A senior confrere at the end of the meeting, during the final group meeting, to be specific, raised a question to which the rest of us in the group did not know what to say (or to say anything at all!). His 'simple' question: "What has the Social Communication to do with Mission?" And that was the central theme we were debating and discussing all along for four days! It was like after the whole of Ramayana, who is Sita?

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