Monday, 30 May 2011

Life at Kondadaba

The surprise showers last evening have changed the whole atmosphere of Kondadaba. It is so pleasant now that it is hard to believe that we are in the thick of summer - at least supposed to be! We haven't watered our garden for the past one week and more and still everything is green and fresh.

The mango yield though little is being attacked by birds and squirrels. They are really having a feast of the sweet fruit. However for the four of us here during the holidays the variety of furits on the table (all from our own garden) is something great: jack fruit, mangoes, suppotas, papayya and bananas. The cashew crop is now slowly little, but no complains, we have had a rich harvest of it - perhaps the best ever (in terms of income).

Amidst all these luxuries of nature we are slowly getting ready for the new academic year. The road is being tarred, carpenters are at work in the Chapel, the mason is to arrive in a day or two for some repair works, the gas stoves repairing is slated for next Sunday, the auditors arrive this weekend, the final purchase of provisions and necessary things from Vizag is next week.

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