Sunday, 22 May 2011

Corruption and me

Today's The Hindu had this article on corruption on its Open Page (p. 12) It tries to trace the root of corruption back to our own family upbringing and I could not but agree with the author. The author states that corruption has a broad spectrum consisting of major and minor activities. And no matter how much of input is given in school and college, the basics given at home (or rather, picked up from home, consciously and unconsciously lived out by parents and elders) stick for life.
The lessons include not telling lies, mustering the courage to tell the truth and maintain it; being watchful of misinformation and manipulation; awareness about corruption and the ways to fight it at the individual level; knowledge of government and corporate ethics and avoiding the temptation thrown in the way to become corrupt. (emphasis mine)
Another article on Corruption (Open Page, The Hindu, p. 12) rightly challenges each one of us to review our own life and ask "Am I corrupt?"; the related and often asked other questions like "Is he?" or "Are they?" will soon take care of themselves in the light of the answer that we sincerely give to the first question. (Something like let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone, diktat of Jesus?)

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