Sunday, 28 February 2010

Truth vs cooking up facts!

Tomorrow is the last date for the submission of the school application forms and since morning I have had quite a few visitors. Though most of them walked in to submit the application, some of them came to 'inquire about the details'. I know that to those who collected the application form earlier, I had assured that we would be starting all the classes from LKG to grade 4. However, now that there has been a change in plans (for which I was rooting since the beginning), I tell those parents that only the KG and Standard I is assured for now. As for the fate of the other classes, is not decided as of now. Though a bit concerned about this "uncertainty" (those who have two children and only one assured of a place and the other 'unclear' are the most tensed) there is a willingness to rationalise and listen.

Over the time I also made this observation: I had no problem in telling all concerned the truth and in plain words and THEY HAD NONE listening to my reasons (or justifications, you might call it). Rather than me fumbling for excuses and making up stories and remembering all these lame excuses, it makes my work easy to stick to what is right and clear. I don't have to cook up facts every time! I know and realise that it is not always easy, but it surely is convincing.

No wonder, truth triumphs!

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