Sunday, 7 February 2010

A chapter concludes...

This evening Fr Noel left for his holidays...! The conclusion of one era in the Province of Hyderabad. Fr Balaraju is all set to take charge. Though the official handing over ceremony was on Feb. 5, the excitement and the guests were still around, for the real functioning to begin. Today was a Sunday. Hopefully, Fr Balaraju will occupy the Provincial's office tomorrow.

A Chapter ends, another begins, life continues! Interestingly, very many are curious to know my 'fate'!! They keep asking me if I'm continuing or not in office as Secretary.

Whatever it be, THANKS to Fr Noel for his trust in me in appointing me as the Secretary. And thanks to that appointment, I got a chance to delve deeper in the digital world, by way of web coordinator and other related matters. God bless him!

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