Monday, 22 February 2010

I give what I have

It was a very good decision to move out of the Provincial house to have our recollection today. The venue was a neighbouring rehab centre for AIDS patients, run by the Sisters (about 9 kms from here).

Fr Thankachan's reflections were inspiring: We give out of what we have. Drawing lessons from the experience of the Germans who in the height of their bitterness between the East and West were looking for opportunities to humiliate one another, we see how the world looks at us. The East Germans once dumped a truck full of garbage at a West German crossroad. Though inclined to retaliate in a similar fashion, the West Germans 'returned the favour' with truckloads of foodgrains, medicines and clothes - with a small note: We give what we have!

A good exercise in Lent: to look into ourselves and see what we have within us; for that is what we give to others (confreres, people and God).

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