Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Making the best of whatever at hand... even of hell!

I just finished going through the B. Ph. papers sent to me from Karunapuram for their final defense on Feb. 19, 2010. It was good trying to break my head trying to understand what they have understood. At times, when thought they were telling something new, I realised it was a grammatical error in the language and not some new thought!!

Even in these four papers that I corrected, I notice clearly a sense of discipline - or lack of it. All of them have the same amount of time and resources at their disposal, the same professors and the same ambiance. Yet the final outcome is not always the same or similar. It varies mostly according to the interest and effort put in by each individual. This is where my basic problem lies: why is it that when most of us join the religious/ Salesian life and profess to give of our very best, we withhold our best!! I understand it when not everyone can do a scientific paper the best but there should be something that each of us can do our best. What is that? Do I invest all my talents and energies into that?

I know that not always the situation and the context is the most ideal. But can I make the most of even that hell?

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