Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Religion and eco-consciousness

One of the good insights that I picked up while reviewing the papers of the students of Philosophy, was this: the intrinsic relation between religion (formal and institutional) and eco-consciousness. I now understand the anxiety of Fr Joshtrom when he speaks of ecology and the need of the Church to get involved in speaking about the need to preserve nature and its resources. Religion (at least institutional religion) has long harped on the idea that the world is a passing world. That we are but 'pilgrims' on a journey. The destination is what we must set our eyes upon!! In the bargain, we miss out the grandeur of nature. We turn a deaf ear to the cry of nature for survival. We are so 'lost in heaven' that we never notice the extinction of species after species of plants, animals and bio-life.

If only we start realising the divine in and around our nature... and not just in the 'heavens above' or stay aloof from the destruction of nature, saying this is not 'our' concern; that this is not the subject-matter of religion... , the world would be a better place for all living beings to grow. Religion, especially Christianity, can and should consciously now speak up and stand for 'natural causes' - lest there be only heaven and no earth!!

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