Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lenten penance!

This morning before the Mass as I saw Fr Sebastian walk around without getting ready for the Mass, I knew there's going to be something ... and there it was... a long sermon by a layman, the charismatic style, replete with "Allelulia". And what was the theme? Lent!!

I cursed my luck for having come for the first Mass and was in two minds whether to walk out and come in for the second Mass or stay on. I decided to stay put. Then I had clearly two options: keep cursing Fr Sebastian (and the preacher?) for this surprise talk or pray! I opted for the second and was happy for the choice I made. Though, weak as I am, I could not but hope once in a way that the wasn't the talk or that the talk would conclude soon, I managed to pray. The best was that I prayed for all those people gathered in the Church this morning and were keen listeners to the talk.

God bless us all!!

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