Monday, 1 February 2010

Labour and food

I took a walk to the construction site this evening and was struck by the hard work of the labourers there. Men and women, carrying heavy loads of sand, pebbles and cement. When I looked at their children gladly rolling in the sand or having a meal or trying to sleep, it struck me: what a fate, those who are now building the school will never get to even enter the same school once it is complete, leave alone get their children admitted into the school. Fr TV Thomas too made the same observation this afternoon at table. Karl Marx had a point when he made his theory of exploitation.

However the most touching incident of this evening was when a mother gave some food to her small son: just some rice put in a small bowl and then some curry which surely must have been cooked early morning. I couldn't but contrast that scene with the table that was set for yesterday's feast meal in the afternoon. Here was a small child happily eating just rice and curry and we had to have a large table with so much of variety that we hardly tasted half of what was set before us to appease our hunger - the same mortal hunger!

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