Friday, 19 February 2010

Reviving games and history

I consider myself lucky and privileged to have kept my rhythm of games (basketball) for the last one week, without fail. The credit of it goes to Thathi and the youngsters who come every evening without fail. It is really very refreshing and though every part of my body aches (especially my left arm), I am very happy about this new routine.

These days several of our confreres too joined for the game. Nothing odd about that from the Salesian perspective. However, I observed, all those who played basketball so far were once my superiors or mentors. Last week there was Fr James, perhaps the one who first gave us a basketball to play with when I was still in school. Then there was Fr Sony, whom I knew as a school boy (he was getting ready to go to Rome for his theology then). Fr Tom and Fr Cheruvathur were my superiors when I joined the seminary in Gunadala. Now as I play with them, I feel so proud. Never ever did I dream that one day I'd be playing shoulder to shoulder to these great men whom I idolized so much as a boy. Adding greater joy to my pride is that they appreciate my game and take pride in playing together. And I hope and pray that I too may have the joy of playing with my students with the same vigour, spirit and enthusiasm later on in life.

For now, God bless these Confreres and their encouraging presence - then and now!

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