Monday, 1 February 2010

Deceased Salesians and Fr VT John

Today we remembered and prayed for the deceased Salesians, especially from our Province... Frs VT John, Benji and Br Gabriel. Of course, there is also Br James T and Fr KC Jacob. I had the good fortune of living with the first three and I have great admiration for them all. They had their defects but somehow, Fr VT and Fr Benji stood out among the rest - each for their unique virtues and style.

Fr Balaraju during his goodnight shared a beautiful thought from the life of Fr VT John. It is said that on his ordination day he added two special resolutions to his project of life: To make Mass the centre of his life and to love it and make it loved by others. That's a very beautiful resolution. Looking back and from experience I can tell that he did live that resolution till the last. I was fortune to have attended his last Mass - along with Prathap (just the three of us) in the sacristy of the Philosophate in Karunapuram. The next day he was sick. He passed away the day after that.

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