Monday, 22 February 2010

Articulating a vision for life

As I glanced through the latest volume of the SDB West (from Mumbai) the article by Fr Isaac Arakaparambil caught my eye. I met Fr Isaac sometime ago in Bangalore and his serene and joyful personality appealed to me. Perhaps that's an added reason I found myself agreeing to his ideas. Here's an extract from his article wherein he speaks of the need to primarily have for ourselves a vision of life and then assist others to formulate one for themselves, through Value Education:
My observation is that we do, and we get our teachers to do a lot of activities with our youngsters (sports, drama, music, tuitions, coaching, homilies, good morning and good night talks, value education classes, etc.) but they often end up as activities with no clear focus. The students may pick up skills that help them become confident and expressive, but it does not necessarily determine whether they are able to articulate a vision for life.
That's truly an observation worth taking note of and as Fr Isaac recommends, 'to tie up with people who already have follow-up systems in place when it comes to the domain of vision orientation and value education' especially with regard to our educational institutions... and perhaps our Salesian community life and living too!

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