Friday, 26 February 2010

The devil's dung and Communication

Among the various things discussed during the Social Communication Commission meeting this morning, there was this eternal debate about the 'centre' for Communication. I did the best of what I could come up with: stoic silence!!

Prathap (and several others, including Mummy) always told me that I was a miser. I really am! Therefore you talk of initiatives which involve huge amounts of money besides the amount we already have or have invested, then my mind starts working fast... it works to list out reasons why we should NOT undertake that project! Over the past, especially the three immediate years, I've experienced how money can be the 'deciding factor' - read that as 'spoiling factor' - of things that otherwise could have been done peacefully and perfectly well. I'm not Don Bosco, who really dreamt big and far for his boys, in this matter. And I feel, I cannot be otherwise too.

So if it is a matter of devil's dung and Communication, I'd only stickto the latter, even if it means, I will have nothing else beside myself and my message.

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