Thursday, 7 January 2010

A visit to the hospital

After much postponing and forgetting, I finally did visit Nandu's father in the hospital. He has been in there for the past 6 days with no response or even opening his eyes. He has two blood clots in his brain and from what I gather, the family has given up hope. With no financial resources, they have no choice. They seem be just waiting for the end. It is sad, to see one's own father on bed, neither living nor dying and you helplessly standing by his side. The very thought of re-imagining the hospital scene with my Daddy and me in Nandu and his father's place is frightening!

But it was good that we went and paid him a visit. Not for his father but for Nandu and his family members! May God give them the strength to go through these moments of angst.

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