Saturday, 23 January 2010

School visit

I had the chance - really by chance! - to visit a school in the Miyapur area this afternoon. I went as driver to Sr Anna Mary. The school is run by her relatives. I was impressed by their approach and their infrastructure. Nothing much in comparison to the place we have for our upcoming school but the available space is well planned out. The infrastructure too seems to be in place. The advantage they have is that the place is totally surrounded by high-rise buildings. The little time I spent there I saw a stream of parents walking in to inquire about the admission process. Of the couple of things the Principal shared with me, I liked her suggestion: Brother whatever you prepare, by way of promotion material or infrastructure, make it look the best - don't compromise on that! I too am convinced that if run well, this school - or any school, for that matter - will be greatly appreciated and numbers will not be problem. (Well, that's when talking professionally!).

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