Sunday, 3 January 2010

To be part of making history!

TV has a knack of drawing people in to help him out with his work. I've watched him do this with others and now he's got me for the school! Since yesterday I see myself drawn in for the school work, in a big way. At times, I too fear what would be the future of this project, but I take it as another lesson in trust and hope - something, I'm learning the ropes of very tangibly these days! Let's see how things proceed. Frankly, I don't mind getting involved in this, for it is totally a new field of apostolate for me. Not that I'm going to managing schools, but this pioneering of an institute especially one with such a high expectation. I wish to fill in that lacuna which others do not see or bypass (religious, I mean): planning and chronicling of minor factors which sometime or the other prove to be of great relevance!

Luckily, Fr Sebastian did not announce about the issuing of the admission forms in the Mass this morning. That would have got lost in the confusion that followed with regard to the election of the Parish Council! What a fiasco! Anyway, as I see it, the school will be received well; may not go down with the Catholics very well, but there are others who are eager to be part of Don Bosco!

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