Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Thy Kingdom come!

Thy Kingdom come!' ... that was the editorial title of one of the editions of Bp Pierre Claverie's Le Lien in October 1995 (almost a year before he was assassinated in Algeria). I was asked to review the book A Life Poured Out: Pierre Claverie of Algeria and I should admit that I found it very refreshing and challenging. I was reminded of the life and works of Dietrich Bonheoffer, whom I read during my days of Theology in Shillong. The same passionate zeal and courage to stand by what is true and just. Truly a courageous man to stand tall and speak out against anyone (and any religion) that dehumanizes. He must surely have been a man of great depth to have won even the admiration and friendship of Muslim leaders and politicians. That he was assassinated itself is a proof that he was among the best in Algeria! The world and the Church could do more with such men as Pierre Claverie.

Here are some of his quotes:
The Church carries out its vocation and its mission when it is present wherever humanity is torn, crucified, and fragmented... We are indeed where we belong, because it is only in this way that one can see the light of the Resurrection, and together with it the hope of the renewal of the world.

As long as we do not measure the length, breadth, height, depth - the whole extent of the abyss that separates us, we are not ready to acknowledge each other, understand each other, love each other.

In Algeria, it is our good fortune to be pretty well stripped of our riches, our pretensions, and our self-sufficiency... Let us give thanks to God when he restores his church to simple humanity.

The value of my life lies in my capacity to give it away.

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