Friday, 22 January 2010

The Lord's anointed

As I read the first reading of the day, a thought suddenly flashed across my mind. It is at that instant when David decides not to lay hands on Saul, even though the latter has been delivered into his hands 'to do as he may wish'. When asked the reason for not doing any harm to Saul, David replies, 'I do not wish to lay hands on the Lord's anointed.'

Now that is quite a lesson for all of us, beginning with me. I speak so in the context of the new Provincial being announced! In a sense, he too is anointed by the Lord. Why then try to speak ill of him or mourn his inadequacies? If the Lord has His ways of going about, He surely will have something for the new Provincial as well - and in the process, something for each of us too!

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