Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Of Telangana, students and Media

The whole drama of the students involvement in the Telanga issue is turning out to be more than just a drama!! I really have my doubts if this guy whom they contest, committed suicide by immolating himself for a separate state. For all my instincts tell me, it is something fishy. Why would a young student from a middle class family die for a separate state? It is utterly nonsensical that he should consider that as his greatest priority in life! Anyway, whatever be the case of that young chap - I pity his parents, though!

First of all, the University should declare classes open and schedule exams. Let those who are serious about they being 'students' take the exam and focus on what is essential for now: studies and education! Then drive out all the anti-social elements who are now taking shelter under the name of 'students' and creating havoc.

I wish the mass media, especially the news channels, take some sensible steps here.
  1. Let the media awake the silent majority to action by portraying the damage being done to the whole state, especially the city of Hyderabad, most particularly to the common man. Let those who want to 'fight' for a separate state do so at no inconvenience to the aam admi.
  2. Stop focussing on the leaders merely threatening each other only on camera with no guts - and common sense whatsoever - to fulfill their primary responsibilities: service of those who voted them to power or whom they represent.
  3. Shift the focus of the camera from the ministers' meetings to the stranded passengers, dying patients, miserable vegetable vendors, helpless students, desperate housewives and thousands of such who live hand to mouth, day to day!
  4. Invite people with a vision (at least, common sense) and conduct debates or air opinions on real issues rather than hold a blame game and end up in everyone shouting at each other.
  5. Portray the good and possible prosperity rather than the cacophony of politicians.
  6. Elicit, support and propagate noble means of getting out of this chaos... I'm not talking of a political solution, but of a sensible solution to these daily bandhs and disruption of normal life.

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