Saturday, 2 January 2010

Professionalism and Charism

There is so much that can be done and that too with finesse! Today, practically the whole afternoon, I spent browsing hundreds of websites related to the CBSE schools and governance. I realise most of them have a professional approach to the method and philosophy of education that they impart to children through these schools. Some, I gather, are nothing but another name-sake educational institute. But sincerely speaking, I was quite impressed by the minute details one particular school has seen too. It looks like it has been in this field of education for quite long. What's more, I found out that it is in the vicinity of the Provincial house itself! Gliding through their website, I find them quite sure about what they are upto. That's really a good thing. They don't seem to be wasting their time doing 'something'. They are clear about their method and their goal, as well.

Reflecting about our own upcoming School, I realise, we are yet to adopt a professional approach. And that is easier said than done. The danger however is to balance between professionalism and the charism of Don Bosco. For the group of young people we have been catering to, a clinical professionalism will not be the ideal; whereas, that does not prevent us from adopting a procedure that is professional and of high standards. For the envisaged School here, it is more of an academic standard than a basic essential education as provided by Don Bosco. The dividing line is very subtle and it is surely going to be a tight-rope walk for anyone to balance both these values.

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