Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The curse of institutionalisation

Sitting this morning for meditation, a thought flashed across my mind. Try as hard as I may, I found my mind wandering in and out of my office, my computer, my daily plans, list of 'to-do' and what not! So rather than try to 'empty my mind' I brought Jesus into this hectic drama! I asked myself, 'What would Jesus have done had he been staying in the Provincial house here?' The first and the most immediate visual that popped up in my mind was that of Jesus calmly strolling out of the Provincial house, into the midst of people. The images were all of Jesus waving to people, giving 'hi-fi's to youngsters, walking into the houses of unknown people to have a word with them... just like that! Then late in the evening come back to the Provincial house ... only to sleep.

I don't think he would have worried about his computer, his office, the diary and daily programme of 'to-do', the courier guy asking if he has to take any couriers, him directing the gardener to weed that section or pluck those tomatoes and sell them, discuss with the cook what to cook for supper and for how many, worry about when to pay the next internet, phone and electricity bill, whom to send to pick up the calendars which arrived at the road transport ... Jesus surely would live and do His work with the people and not get lost in running the Provincial house!

That's the curse of institutionalisation!

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