Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A joint action for division!

All over the state, in every newspaper and every local TV channel, there is nothing but this mega drama of the Telangana-Andhra being enacted in the most chaotic manner. Ever since this issue was raked up - thanks to KCR and his followers - the state has been in turmoil. Of late there is the whole talk of the JAC - the Joint Action Committee. What a parody!! Every corner of Andhra Pradesh now is holding JAC meetings to decide how to divide the state - what a lovely "joint action"! Every 'joint' wants to stay and live apart!

The worst part is that students are dragged into this political game. Rather than concentrate on their studies and future, they are all up in arms about the statehood and the division of it. That's the standard of education we 'suffer' from. I'm not adverse to taking stand and fighting for a cause - but it should be something worthwhile and done in such a way that it makes great sense to me and is for the welfare of others. Not because, some politician wants to have his whims and fancies fulfilled. How can politics be so stupid and still popular? I really don't understand or maybe, I don't want to understand!

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