Monday, 18 January 2010

Baptism of Chris Castilino

Yesterday was the baptism of my nephew... Chris Jonathan Castilino. Daddy calls him Christ Janardhan!! It was good being home after long. There were lots of people at home: besides the usual 5 (Papa, Mummy, Willy, Roshni and Chris) there were Roshni's parents, and her brother, Mary aunty (who has come to look after the new born)... then in the afternoon there were all the guests for meals. But it was good.

We had a simple Mass in the Parish Church at 11 am. Fr KS was kind enough to consent to come and baptise the child. He has been Willy's good friend since long and perhaps the one Salesian who has been closest to our family. Then Fr Rayappa (the Assistant Parish Priest) and Br Chilakapati Paul (he happened to come to meet Fr KS).

During the Mass, I couldn't but help noticing the several people who came into the Church to spend sometime in prayer. Some would even went up the altar to kneel and pray at the foot of the huge cross hung in the background. Everytime I see such people, I invariably end up questioning myself: is my little faith any way stronger than theirs? And every time I fear the answer to that question!

The God parents were Roshni's parents: Mr Stanley and Ms Roslyn D'Souza.


  1. Why br you did not give the God parents details.
    atleat u could have mentioned their name.
    so sad :(

  2. Yeah that's a lacuna I did not notice. Thanks for the observation! I'll call Roshni right away and get their names (Her parents were the god parents).


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