Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Council day out!

The past four days have been quite fast moving and touching different activities too. On 9th there was the Provincial council - the last one for Fr Noel as Provincial. By tea time we were already on the road towards Nagarjuna Sagar for a day out as the Provincial community day. We were at Sagar till tea time the next day. It was really good. Fr Noel, through his contacts, made the necessary arrangements and it was very relaxing. For my part, I got to drive!! After my Mangalore trip in 2008, this was the longest I drove in a single day - perhaps some 200 or more kms.

On 11th evening Fr Balaraju decided to go for a movie after supper. The telugu movie, 'Katha' was decided upon. I better not say more than that! It was horrible! Same old theme, retold pathetically!

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