Friday, 29 January 2010

Avatar, human rights and ecology

Last night we watched Avatar ... it was worth watching. Though I do not appreciate sci-fi movies, this one didn't appear to be so. It is basically an alien vs human movie, but with a simple twist whereby, it is the humans who have overstepped the line of sense and sensibility. For me it came across as a movie which basically speaks of the small and voiceless in their struggle against the powerful and mighty. The three best moments of the movie that appealed to me most were the following:
  1. The scene where the Na'vi's are shooting arrows at the gigantic space ships: that's exactly the equation of people in real life when they are up and against the powerful sections of society or bureaucracy.
  2. The next was when Jake softly prays to the 'tree' to take his side and his partner, Neytiri states that the Eywa does not take sides but just sees to the balance of life. Now that's a very sensible stand. No bribing or emotional blackmailing!
  3. The third is when the whole Na'vi tribe are in sync with the nature. This is the part I liked most of the movie - it shows a group of people who are totally in sync with nature. They do not exploit it but respect and co-exist. Even when they have to kill another creature, it is done with respect and regret.
A powerful message on human greed, need to respect nature and the dignity of life - but perhaps the presentation overshadows the message! All the same, the effort to convey a message is praiseworthy!

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