Thursday, 28 January 2010

Values... more than deeds alone

I see a great deal of energy and effort spent on doing deeds, especially with children and in our educational institutions. Of course, the argument is that children learn by doing. But I also believe that they need to be told WHY they are doing what they are told to do! It is only in this manner that we can inculcate values - which outlast any deed or time - rather than have a long list of deeds and activities.

The recent floods in Andhra and now the earthquake in Haiti are all examples of opportunities when we involve young people in our solidarity efforts with the victims. Rather than just ask them to contribute or collect funds, this should be a moment to rationalise and help them see 'why we do what we do'. Thus later in life when called upon for a social act, these young people get involved for the right reasons and with the best of their creative minds!

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