Thursday, 1 June 2017


We concluded the meeting of the revision of the Salesian Rector's manual this afternoon.  Not much achieved by way of new ways or thoughts, but the process itself is appreciated.  The fact that confreres, at both personal and community level all over the world/congregation had an opportunity to offer their feedback was itself something good and great.

Listening to the various views and opinions I realised the diversity of our worlds.  Most often the only thing that seemed common to all of us in the hall was that we were all 'Salesians'. Apart from that everything else seemed different.  We were divided by our languages, cultures, experiences, age groups, regions, thoughts, plans and even convictions about how things ought to be in the future.

This emergence and understanding that the Salesian world has outgrown the 'Italian' origin and stronghold only gets confirmed and takes different expressions.  I had heard of this, read of it and in some ways even felt it.  But being the first international meeting that I was attending, this fact was so strongly felt in person for the first time.  

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