Friday, 2 June 2017

Time and trust

Tomorrow is June 3.  It is exactly seven months ago that I set foot in Britain.  Back in the Province an academic year has passed and the new already kicked in.  So technically speaking have completed a year - can say the second sabbatical year!  In other words, high time that I get serious about my intended purpose of moving out of the province and working towards getting back, having fulfilled my responsibilities.

Trust of people, especially those close and dear, is a very demanding motivation. So are one's own principles and guiding factors which govern or dictate interaction with others.  To measure oneself by the same - if not, more - demanding standards expected of others can sometimes be frightening.  But that's the path of living integrally.  I've always been strict with my students, especially about their academic requirements.  To be lenient to myself would certainly be outright wrong.

So, help me God!

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