Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Middle path?

Trying to find the mean or the common denominator in all instances of life is not always the best way of dealing with every situation.  There are instances in life where we are forced to take a side or make a stand.  It could be with simple or even life-changing matters.  However, human as we are, we tend to find a 'peaceful' solution to every issue.  By that, I mean, a comfortable way out for us, at that time!

Statistics do help in arriving at a decision but can never be totally reliable.  After all, if one is to believe statistics, if one places ones head in an oven and the feet in a fridge, on average one should be perfectly comfortable.

I am not sure even that 'middle path' that Buddha sought and taught, is really possible.  From experience we know that we are always biased, for good or for bad.  There is never truly an unprejudiced mind.  It is another fact that most often we are unaware of it or even have the courage to acknowledge it. But the fact is that we are biased.  So is it truly possible to attain that 'neutral' view?  I guess each situation and context varies and so does the possibility.  But I guess nothing wrong in trying if that is the best solution, that is for everyone involved. 

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