Monday, 5 June 2017

Kids and Catechism

Some of the re-tailored doctrines in the process of teaching catechism to kids...

A conversation between a mother and her little daughter:
Mummy, who made me?
God did.
Who made you?
God did.
Who made grandma?
God did.
(after a pause) He's improved a lot since he made grandma.

Who was most unhappy when the prodigal son returned home?
The fatted calf.

What does the story of Goliath teach us?
To duck!

Soon after the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, a small boy was listening to the radio. He looked at his father anxiously: "I hope they haven't found any more commandments."

"Daddy, what's that?" said the little boy, looking up from their pew at the memorial plaque on the wall.  "That's in memory of all the brave men who died in the services."  The little boy scanned the long list of names and asked: "Did they die in the morning or evening services?"

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