Thursday, 22 June 2017

British summer

After more than four days of "intense heat" - by any British standards! - today is quite cool.  Cloudy and cold wind.  The maximum temperatures touched 33 C. It is said that the country did not have such a heatwave since 1976.  Even I too felt the heat!  Of course, it may be that I am getting pampered by the luxurious weather of the place and hence 'feeling the heat'.

Another factor, I realised is that the houses here in UK are all built to retain heat.  Hence when the temperature is hot outside, the interior of the house gets hotter!  From my window I can see men walking around in the streets shirtless and in shorts.  Some of the Britishers are not complaining of the heat as they feel happy to experience it in their own backyard rather than on an expensive holiday trip to Spain or Italy!  Either way, life goes on.  

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