Friday, 2 June 2017

Duel reminder

I reached the Pisana on Sunday night and having something to eat, meeting some eminent Salesians and helping Fr Silvio retired to my room for the night.  It was quite warm and hence opened the sliding window panes and even rolled up the shutters.  Exactly at 4 am was woken up by a single mosquito singing!  Just couldn't lay my hands on him.  Must have been quite a tactful dodger!  Tried all known tactics but this one was surely a seasoned one!

It was the first time after seven months outside India that I was fighting a mosquito - the only other time I was 'defeated' by it in absentia was when I volunteered to donate blood here in Chertsey but was turned away because I had recently arrived from a malaria prone area of the world!

This duel with the mosquito was a good reminder of days back in the Province and a gentle reminder of taking for granted the luxurious blessings of the present place! 

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