Thursday, 1 June 2017

Rome by night

On Tuesday, after the second day of the meeting, Fr Silvio invited me to join him as he was going to drive home a priest to another Salesian community, the San Tarscisio community which is the post-novitiate and the one that takes care of the catacombs!  He knew that I wasn't going to see much or anything of Rome, even though it was my first visit to Rome, the eternal city.  So he wanted to at least drive me round for a while.  However, he really went out of his way and showed me practically half of Rome!! We left Pisana by car at 8.30 after supper and returned at midnight!! Very very kind and generous of him.

He showed me the bascilicas of John Latern and Mary Major, Sacra Coure (the church which Don Bosco struggled to build towards the end of his life), Termini (the central bus and train station), the coloseum, monument of the reunification of Italy and the famous Trevi fountain.  We walked through some of the ruins of Rome from the coloseum upto the Trevi.

He topped it off with gelato (ice cream)!  God bless him for his generosity, patience and hospitality (in spite of all the work of coordinating and organising the meeting!).  

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