Monday, 5 June 2017

Mediocre portrayal of love and life

Yesterday watched a telugu movie online, Nenu Local.

I generally like Nani's acting.  Rather light and offering some message. However, this one was a real seat-squirmer!

For one, the whole movie seems to endorse the equation beauty = appearance.  Someone falls in love because the girl is 'beautiful'.  The family approves and endorses this, on the sole quality of her being 'beautiful'.

Most annoying aspect of the movie is this notion of 'disturbing'!  Every hero thinks, just because he is in love with a girl, by her following her - or aptly speaking stalking her - she will eventually 'fall in love' with him!  How idiotic.  There is absolutely no consideration for what the girl goes through. What her family goes through, merely because a boy thinks stalking her day and night, every where and all the time will make the girl fall for him.

Then there is this whole aspect of studies and getting a decent education.  Studies are always portrayed as something cumbersome and optional.  What matters, at least for winning a girl's heart is bashing up the goons!  The hero is no good for studies.  With great difficulty (copying in the exam!) he passes the engineering course.  When he sees the girl he follows her into a posh MBA institute, gets enrolled and "studies" MBA.  He has no respect for professors.  The latter are real caricatures too!  No idea what he studies but by the end of the movie he is married to the heroine.  What happened to their studies??

Then there is other guy who, in order to ask for the girl's hand, disappears for four years, makes great effort and becomes a police inspector.  His character, however impressive, persevering and committed, is discounted for the 6 months since the hero 'saw' the heroine and 'fell in love' with her.

There are many many more annoying aspects, not limited to merely this movie, but characteristic of almost every regional movie... too many to enumerate here.  One last comment though: heroines in our movies are always dumbos!  Their character may be more intelligent, educated and smart than the hero, but all that is brushed aside and thrashed in comparison to physical masochism of the hero!  

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