Thursday, 1 June 2017

Language blues

While at UPS (our Salesian Pontifical University), I met several Indian Salesian confreres whom I knew or met over the past years... some of them almost 14 years ago.  There were others too who had heard my name but never met me (that was a great feeling!).

Am told that among the various departments operational at UPS, the psychology and communications departments are the most popular with the most number of students.  The other departments being mostly of a religious nature had many priests and religious as students.  However one common thing most of those whom I met (atleast the Indians) felt uncomfortable with was the Italian language.  That they had to learn and then almost instantly (within 3 months) start taking lessons of their specific courses in Italian was something they did not appreciate.  Some even jokingly expressed their jealously of me having "escaped" this by going to London!

From my side, I envied their 'ambiance' - the study environment with almost 2000 students in the university and about 150 priests and deacons living on the campus in 6 different communities.  Seeing others study - at least someone - is a motivation that challenges me to study too.  Apart from that, I truly feel blessed and grateful for every other "luxury" while in Chertsey!  I only prayed that I make the most of this mega-opportunity and blessing. 

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