Thursday, 22 June 2017

Living tombstones

The other day I took a walk to the cemetery and also to check if the undertakers had completed their restoration work of the two plots of deceased Salesians.  They indeed did a decent job and was happy to note the names of the second plot, the slab of which had fallen and I couldn't get it up to read the names of those buried therein.  

 I did click these two photos and then too a small stroll round the place. Just when I was about to leave I remembered that there are a few Salesian Sisters too buried right next to the Salesians.  In fact, the FMAs were here in Chertsey much before us.  And it is their school and property that we are now owning.  So I took a while to pray at their tomb too.  They have 14 Sisters buried there in two separate plots - the same number of deceased Salesians buried in Chertsey.  The statue of Mary Help of Christians is on one of their tombstones.

On one of the tombs of the Salesian Sisters I noticed flowers.  I had seen them earlier too.  I guess someone in the vicinity still remembers atleast one of them.  I doubt if any of the relatives of these Salesians or FMAs ever visited this place.  But I suppose those buried don't mind or miss them!  All the good that they did when they were still walking on the earth would certainly be more than what they ever wanted.  All those touched by them and now making a difference in the lives of others, would be the real tombstones and memorials of these deceased.  

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