Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tobit's duplicity

In the first reading of the day, Tobit does not complaint or grumble against God for the loss of his eyesight.  He takes it in his stride.  On the other hand, he is grateful and appreciate of Ahikar and his wife Anna for taking care of him, especially in and through his disability.

However, it is surprising that he, who trusts and believes in God so much, doubts his wife's honesty.  When she tells him that the kid in their courtyard is a gift, he does not believe her.  Even when she reiterates this fact, he sternly tells her to return it to its owner.

Now that's a bit odd: how come one can trust God so deeply and be so highly suspicious of a fellow human being, that too one who has been so kind and helpful to him?  It was good that she gives him a piece of her mind!  He needed that to show the shallowness of his ability to trust.
A painting by Rembrandt.
He was hardly twenty years old when he painted this small but impressive panel of Tobit, Anna and the kid.

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