Thursday, 1 June 2017

Names and faces

Spending three days at the Pisana and a day at UPS, was truly a great experience.  One of the best experiences was the feeling of meeting or seeing in person all those confreres and places who so far were only names and words.

Heard so much and for many years about 'Pisana' and 'UPS'.  Being there in person was exciting.  Both the places were simple and frugal.  No extravagance or flamboyance about their structures and facilities.  Great example for all to follow.  Know not where then, some of our contemporary Salesian structures in India are getting their inspiration from.

Then there were persons!  Like Fr Francesco Maracanni, someone whom I corresponded much while being the Province secretary.  Then the Rector Major himself! This was the first time I met him in person.  At the UPS got to meet Fr Joshtrom, Fr Peter Gonsalves, Fr Shaji, our two confreres from INH, and quite a few other confreres from India.  They were surprised as was I!  

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