Monday, 12 June 2017

Dog in a suitcase!

While on our trip to Turin, Dave narrated this particular incident which he heard from one of his colleagues.  This particular friend of his was narrating of the experience of his ex-girlfriend.  She was asked to look after the dog of her parents or neighbours while they were away for a holiday.  Two days after their departure the dog died!  So she called up the owners and with great remorse told them about the death of the dog.  The owners took it in their stride and told her to get the dog to the vet to certify its death.  Unfortunately she did not know to drive and hence had to take the dead dog by train.  So she put him in a suitcase and took him to the station.  Being a labrador, the dog was heavy and she was struggling to carry it along.  A gentleman seeing her struggle offered to help.  Out of curiosity he asked her, what heavy stuff was she carrying?  Surely she could not say that it was a dead dog, so she told him that it is some computer parts.  They got on the train and she settled down. But when the train moved, she was horrified to find the suitcase missing... and so was the man who had helped her! He stole the suitcase!!

We were all laughing our heads off, imagining what would be his expression when he opens the suitcase to find out the remains of a dead dog than computer parts!!

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