Monday, 12 June 2017

Prayerful Bascilica

During our visit to Turin, I did spend some time by myself in the basilica of Mary Help of Christians. And I don't think I would be blamed of prejudice to say that it was a prayerful place.  Unlike other mega-churches that I visited last week in Rome, this place was peaceful, silent and had a very prayerful ambiance about it.  There were no people clicking photos, no chit-chats and talking, plenty of people sitting down and praying...

Perhaps the only commonality with the other churches was the grandeur of the structure.  Huge and highly ornate.  Apart from that it was every bit a place of worship and peace.

The other thing that I liked about this church was that it was very much alive.  There were hundreds of people, most of whom were visitors on the first day that we were there.  The second day there was the diaconate ordination and it was packed.  Even after the diaconate Mass the Sunday vigil Mass also saw the Church filled to its capacity.  In that sense it was good to see it more as a place teeming with people and activity rather than a historical ruin or a museum piece on exhibition.
the sanctuary and the backdrop

the side altar of Don Bosco, containing his relics

the rooms of Don Bosco 

the view of the basilica from the piazza Maria Ausciliatrice

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