Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Lapsus lingua

I remember this particular Latin phrase from the many Fr Master would often repeat during our novitiate: lapsus lingua... slip of the tongue.

Came across the following humorous slip of tongue moments among Church members.

A parishioner to his priest after his sermon: "You'll never know what your sermon meant to me.  It was like water to a drowning man!"

An Anglican bishop received an ambiguous letter from one of his clergymen: "Dear Bishop, I regret to inform you that my wife has died.  Could you please send me a substitute for the weekend?"

The vicar is on holiday until the 27th.  Local clergy will be celebrating on the Sundays when he is away.

"Father," beamed the old lady appreciatively, "we didn't know what sin was until you came to this parish!"

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