Monday, 1 June 2009

Indian/Salesian hospitality

This morning, after all the confusion, including a fine of Rs 100 for not wearing the seat belt while driving, (perhaps in away, thanks to it!) I had the opportunity to meet Ms Carola Carazzone, a member of VIS, a voluntary organisation related to the Salesian Family. I had heard a lot about her from Fr TD John and Fr Palli, especially after their return from the Human Rights Congress held in Rome early this year.

I too find her very pleasant and eager to know people, to see things, and to have a taste of things typically Indian. No fuss about anything missing or too conscious about being a 'guest' (and therefore to be treated so). Just at home with all that is.

I distinctly remember the Irish couple who were here last October for the retreat. Worse still they were the retreat preachers!! From their behaviour and demands, they were anything but 'Christian'!! Even them we treated well (till I lost my head one afternoon). Somehow, that's one thing I like of us Indians, particularly of our Salesians... hospitality. Anywhere you go, you are at once made to feel at home. Things may not be perfect, but all that is lacking is made up by the warmth, concern and joy people express when they meet and interact with you.

Athithi devo bhava (Guest is as good as God!)

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