Sunday, 14 June 2009

Love for Christ and Christianity

Mummy, as before, was asked to prepare for the School inaugural prayer service. I had earlier given her some such prayer services. The other day she called up and began, "See that prayer service that you gave has a part where in children are to offer a candle, some flowers and a Bible..." I jumped to some conclusions of mine and tried to offer a 'solution'. I told her that instead of the Bible, you can use some textbook or school diary. She retorted back, "Why not the Bible? What's wrong in using the Bible? After all it is a Catholic school, a Salesian School? Why should I use something when I have the Bible?" I had no answer!!! I tried to wriggle out saying that some may not like the Bible being used and so on. She was in no mood and repeated the same set of questions that she earlier grilled me with.

The best part was yet to come! What she had called me, was to find out if she has to put a crucifix on the assembly table or not! After all these gifts being offered are to be offered to someone, so she said she would like to put a crucifix on the 'table'.

So much for me being a professed religious set out to proclaim the Word of God and Mummy being a simple ordinary Lay woman!!

And by the way today is her b'day!!! Happy b'day Mummy!! As I always say... proud to be a Castilino and a Salesian!

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