Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The law

There is a very thin line dividing breaking the laws and going beyond the laws. And I believe what demarcates one from the other is the spirit with which the action is carried out... the motivation, attitude and intention with which the deed is performed. Laws are rules put in place for the common good of individuals and communities in a society. It is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the society. But it also has at heart the good of everyone involved. Therefore every time a law is broken, it causes disturbance, hindrance and inconvenience. But suppose much more good can be achieved or is at stake when the law is broken than when it is kept, I think such a circumstance would be called 'going beyond the law'. But again, what ultimately matters is the spirit with which the deed is performed.

Going by experience, we need people specialised in both these categories: those who break the law and those who go beyond it. The former show us a glimpse of the possibilities beyond the limitations and restrictions which we set on ourselves and the explorations we do not undertake for fear of 'breaking the rules'. The latter bring about stability and guarantee that all what we do is not in vain. That there is a platform from where we launch (maybe into the unknown).

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