Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Recollection at Karunapuram

Long last the net is back!! The thunder and lightning here in Karunapuram did not bring down the rain but only the internet!! Anyway, did manage to catch up with quite a lot of work this night.

As I type this I realise, I've been preaching recollections at the rate of two to three per year!! Wow, that's already some work... Today was the first for this year. As always, I kept it personal and not something theoretical or theological. That's the advantage of being with the Brothers for a while... you gauge their pulse and feed them appropriately. Anyway I made a good recollection myself. It was nice making myself sit in the Chapel and spending time with the Lord.

I spoke to the Brothers about the option that all of us made to be Salesians and what it entailed. Using the analogy of a football game, I stressed on the point that it is ultimately I who made the choice to be a Salesian, that I play by the rules of the Congregation (using my creativity to live them best, there lies my skill), that all that happens (good, bad, pleasant, unpleasant) is all part of the game and finally, that I need to involve generously and joyfully to be able to continually make the choice. If at anytime, there isn't a 'thrill' there is no prison wall holding me back from walking out of the football court (religious life).

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