Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Seeing things anew

Yesterday I had a lovely day with Ms Carola. Last evening when I took her out to show something of Hyderabad, I was pleasantly surprised that she liked her visit to my home (we just dropped in for a couple of minutes only). I was also surprised when I took her to Basera for the meals. She loved the meals and had a good helping! I've never seen any foreigner eat so much, and that too on her second visit to India! She must have truly enjoyed her meal... hopefully! But it was the conversation and exchange of ideas that we had over the table during meals that was the best part of the day.

Another interesting aspect of spending time with those from another place is the way they look at things and when they ask questions about something they do not understand or seem baffled about, I begin to see things, literally. Like yesterday, I really SAW, the number of muslim women going around in their hijab - that too a variety of ways (some covering their whole face, some leaving space only for theie eyes to be seen, others their whole face open, some wearing only the scarf round the face - that too, so many of them!!) Not that I had not seen them earlier but some of these things never struck me... until Carola was asking questions.

Well, so much for getting used to life and all its richness!!

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